Warranty information

Proteus™ Customer Warranty Plan


Proteus Designs LLC is proud to extend a 2-year component replacement and installation policy to our customers. Customers are responsible for contacting Proteus when seeking to make a warranty claim.

This warranty does not cover any accessories, consumables, etc, but are included in the table below for further clarification:



Under Warranty

Not Covered

Proteus Smart Device Components

Any problem with the device which arises due to normal wear and tear during the first 2 years.

Any physical damage, water damage or damage due to improper handling of the device.


Not covered.

Outer shell damage, which will require a full shell replacement (see Service Orders)

End Caps

Not covered.

Expected to be expended and replaced during normal use.

Grip Tape/ Grip Tube

Not covered.

Expected to be expended and replaced during normal use.

Tactile or Silicon Buttons

Lost, broken, stolen, misplaced, simply gone or unusable up to 2 years.

After 2 years from original receipt date.

Battery Caps

Lost, broken, stolen, misplaced, simply gone or unusable up to 2 years.

After 2 years from original receipt date.


30 day warranty starting on the day that the customer accepts delivery.

Normal battery deterioration including deterioration due to charge cycling , over discharging or misuse/mishandling.

See our FAQ page for more information.




Warranty Redemption:

Customers with further questions regarding what is eligible for to be covered under their warranty should refer to the information above and the FAQ. If they are still unsure and require further assistance, we recommend that they fill out and submit the service repair form and contact Proteus at

Once the item is received by Proteus Designs LLC, we will approve or deny the warranty claim with electronic notice of receipt. Any additional damages that are discovered during the initial inspection but not covered under warranty, can be replaced at cost to the customer. If the customer chooses to replace or fix damaged items at cost to the manufacturer, Proteus Designs LLC will require email consent from customer within 5 business days of the initial notice of damage in order to proceed (see Service Order). If no response is provided within 5 business days, the manufacturer will only replaced items covered under warranty and ship back to the reseller in a timely manner.

  • Email the date of customer purchase, the product name and color/size,description of the item under warranty (as noted in the above table), and any additional comments.

  • Package and ship item to the Proteus Lab.

  • Proteus Designs LLC will email the customer once shipment has been received and notify customer if claim is approved, denied, or requires a Service Order to complete fulfillment.

  • Once shipped, Proteus will invoice our standard 2-day shipping costs to the customer.



Proteus Designs LLC will only accept customer payments using the payment method agreed upon after the service request has been submitted.

Proteus™ Service Orders

Proteus Designs LLC is committed to providing superior customer service and will replace or fix damages on any Proteus Smart Device not covered under warranty at cost. Customers are required to submit g a Service Order via email.

  • Download, complete, and email the electronic service order to

  • Proteus Designs LLC will provide an itemized invoice of the services requested, in which the customer is responsible to pay before service can begin. 


Proteus Designs LLC will not ship any items until the service order payment has been received and will continue to hold the item at the warehouse for up to thirty (30) days. After thirty (30) days, items will be upcycled and the reseller will be credited salvaged materials at current market value.



Service Order Template

Email for the electronic version of the form, anytime.