For Support for your Proteus Device use one of the following options:



We offer repairs on any LED flow prop regardless of brand or type with free estimates!

To submit an LED prop for repair, fill out the online Repair, Service Order Submission Form or download the PDF version and send it to BEFORE shipping your device!



Guidelines for Shipping Your Prop to Proteus:

  • Address the package to: 

Proteus Designs, LLC
900 N Lenola Road
Moorestown, New Jersey

  • Tape a completed copy of the Repair, Service Order Submission Form to the inside of the package. (Optional but appreciated.)
  • Write "FRAGILE" several times on the package in conspicuous locations.
  • Do not include the batteries or charger unless instructed to do so.
  • Use a service like ShipGooder for cheaper rates
We recommend shipping your prop in it's original box but if that's not possible, we suggest the following: 
  • For Staffs
    • A Mailing Tube
      • Some hardware stores, machine/welding shops will have spare mailing tubes that they will give away or sell for a couple dollars
      • Can be purchased through Amazon, Uline, etc.
    • If a mailing tube is unavailable, USPS offers free packaging for use with their priority mail service.
      • Triangular "Tubes" can be found here.
        • Two Express Medium Tubes can be taped together end to end to ship the Titan.
    • Note: Shipping prices tend to increase dramatically if the package exceeds 60" in length. Try to keep your package at or below 60".
  • For hoops 30" and under 
    • Use an appropriate sized box with some sort of padding (LARGE 22-24", clean pizza boxes will sometimes work in a pinch)
  • For hoops larger than 30"
    • Sandwich your hoop between flat, uncreased pieces of cardboard (at least 2 above and 2 below)
    • Leave a ~1.5"-2" gap on all sides between the edge of the cardboard and the hoop
    • Tape the hoop to the cardboard using tape that leaves no residue or poke holes in the cardboard and tie it in place with string
    • Wrap the cardboard-hoop sandwich in several layers of plastic wrap 
Let us know if you have any questions!