Orion Image Conversion Hub and Update Tools

Image Conversion Hub & Update Tools (BETA)


These tools will allow you to tweak your prop, create your own graphics packs, and upload them to your Proteus Orion using any Windows PC with Bluetooth!



Orion Graphics Upload Tool Quick Start:

Use this when you want to quickly load already made pattern packs onto your device.

What you'll need to do…


  • Download and unpack the .Zip file


    Pair your Proteus Device to your PC
    • All Proteus devices enter pairing mode by default immediately after turning on.
  • Find the COM port which is assigned to your devices' 'DEV-B' port
    • Settings >> Devices >> Bluetooth and Other Devices >> More Bluetooth Options [under "Related Settings"] >> COM Ports tab
  • Run “Orion_Graphics_Upload_Tool.exe” and follow the prompts
  • Rage out with your new patterns!



Orion Image Conversion Tool Quick Start:

I haven't gotten around to doing a full Read Me for this one yet so just follow the prompts and...

  • Start by putting the images you want to convert in the "Images" folder.

  • Make sure your images are the correct height, upside down (if orientation matters) and either .gif or .png. (gif is preferable)

    • Reference the Hoop Size Reference Chart PDF for the ideal size image for your hoop.

    • You image should be as many pixels high as there are LEDs in your hoop

  • Make sure you move any old graphics pack folder(s)/images out of the root folder before you make another.

  • The only things that should be in the root folder when you run Orion_Image_Conversion_Tool.exe are the original program files and the images that you want to make into a pattern pack.

    • This is mainly to help keep things organized.


Aside from these points, just make sure you follow the prompts and enjoy!



Want more control over your Proteus Device??? 

  • Go to the Source folder under Orion Line Conversion Hub\Resources\Source and open up the CONFIG.H file using a text editor.

    • In there you’ll find a number of parameters that you can change to give you greater control over your prop.

    • Instructions are written into the file so READ CAREFULLY!

    • If something goes wrong, delete the file and copy/paste in the backup


If you have any questions, concerns feel free to send our technical support team at

We'd love to hear from you.




Download the Proteus - Orion Image Conversion Hub and Update Tools