The Apps

Q: What does the Proteus Remote App do?

A: The Proteus Remote App for Android™ phones is currently in Beta and, as such, will have a growing list of features as we progress toward the full release of the App. As of October 2017, (v0.2.0.1) the App utilizes the Bluetooth feature of your Proteus device to allow you to use your Android phone or tablet to control your Proteus device’s brightness, it’s image refresh rate, change the image or pattern being displayed, turn on and off “AUTO” mode (changes patterns automatically at a predetermined interval), turn on and off the display and preform a function called “stroke.”

Q: What does the “stroke” button on the App do?

A: “Stroke” slows scan line write time and turns off pixels surrounding the pixel currently being refreshed for a short period of time. In other words, it just looks cool. That’s all.

General Product Questions

Q: Your company talks a lot about its products durability, are you encouraging your customers to try to break their devices?

A: No way! We never encourage our customers to try to break their devices. Our typical customer is way too clever for us to pose that challenge and expect to win.

However, when you’re spinning accidents happen. And if you’ve ever owned a flow-device from any manufacturer, especially a high-end visual LED flow-device that is comparable to what we offer, you will quickly realize how easy it is to break your device. You’ll have to ship it back to the manufacturer and pay for the repairs which, over the course of its life, wind up costing more than you originally paid for the device.

If you’re using a Proteus Device you’re going to accidentally drop it and smack it into things often. Nobody’s perfect. You’re also going to outlast any other device on the market while doing so. Our products have superior durability to any other LED flow device, full stop. It’s why we go out to festivals to pass around our flow-gear for people to try. We expect that accidents will happen and when they do, we pick up our Titan’s or Deltas, dust them off and hand them back to our new friends to keep spinning.

In short, no. We do not encourage our customers to try to break their Proteus devices. We encourage our customers to watch as other people break their own devices while they keep spinning their Proteus long into the night.

Q: Why are your products priced lower than similar products from other companies?

A: As a lot of companies do, we started work by addressing a problem. Specifically, we wanted to get our hands on some quality flow-gear but were too broke to buy the stuff that we liked. So, we got to tinkering and after about 4 months we had a working staff prototype. We found that through carefully sourcing components, designing or our electronics, 3D printing specific parts instead of having molds made, and building the devices ourselves, we could make our own staffs significantly cheaper than any we could find on the market. About 2 - 3 months later Proteus Designs, LLC was established so that we could start selling our staffs.

We decided early on that matching our prices with our competitors wasn’t something we were willing to do when we could offer superior flow-gear at significantly lower prices. We do not make lower quality products to provide lower prices. In fact, most people who try our devices find that they are superior to much more expensive models from other companies. We include features and elements not found in even the most expensive of flow-gear and we provide a guaranty that you’ll be impressed by our devices quality of durability.

Device Use and Care Questions

Q: How (and when) do I turn it off?

A: Your Proteus device is equipped with 1-2 li-ion battery cells located inside the shell. (Refer to the instructions for your specific device.) To turn off the device, remove the both batteries and either place them in the included storage battery bag, box or sleeve or reverse the batteries so that the positive contact (with the plastic end) faces outward. If your device has two battery cells, this MUST be done to both as only reversing one will cause the other to drain down completely, ruining the battery.

As to when to turn the device off, we recommend that you turn the device off as soon as you’re done using it. This ensures that the batteries will not drain down past the point where they can be recharged. Li-ion batteries provide an incredible amount of power in a very small package but they are not perfect. They must be used with care to ensure the long life of the battery and safety of the user.

Your Proteus device will reboot and enter standby mode when the battery voltage drops below a certain level. If your device does this more than once, it’s a good indication that your batteries are low and it’s time to remove the drained cells and put them on charge. Do not continue to attempt use the device after it shows signs of low batteries. This could permanently damage the batteries. Also, do not store batteries without charging them first. All batteries naturally lose their charge over time so storing discharged batteries could result in permanent damage.