Customer service

Customer Service

At Proteus Designs (Proteus), we pride ourselves on creating devices that enable our friends to express themselves in new and interesting ways. We believe that relaxation is key to self-expression and with that in mind, we aim to provide the peace of mind that comes with a good warranty, great value and outstanding customer service.

Whether you’re already one of the many friends and customers or you’re new to Proteus, we encourage you to email us with any questions about a Proteus Device or any of our accessories at

Immediate Support

If you’re a current customer who requires immediate support, please include the word “SUPPORT” in all caps followed by your first name and the Bluetooth name of your device in the subject line. (Example: “SUPPORT John Alex-0H” or “SUPPORT Jane Titan-32Alpha”) Please explain your question or issue in the body of your email and leave a cell phone number if you would like to receive a response via text.

For Sales Questions and Support

If you have a question regarding a purchase that you have made of a Proteus Device either in person, on or through our store, or if you have a question regarding our pricing, shipping, payment information, feel free to contact our Sales team at

Vendors and Distributors

If you are interested in becoming a reseller for Proteus Designs, please contact our Sales team for more information at If you have purchased a Proteus Device through an authorized reseller and you require support, please follow the instructions above in contacting us for support. Please include the name of the reseller and the approximate date of sale in your email to